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To take wakeboarding to the next level: that's our mission!
Our cablepark is the perfect place for training. We offer a divers training programme, varying from trick training, obstacle training, jam sessions and special clinics.  

Practice makes perfect and our aim is to improve your skills, to help you develop your own style and to teach you all the techniques and tricks in an efficient way. Our instructors will give you personal coaching and they will set up a training program suited to your level. You will get all the ins and outs of a trick and then it's your turn to try it on the cable.....again and again. 

Thanks to our unique concept and lay-out of the cablepark you will be able to learn something new in a short period of time. We are open year round which gives you the opportunity to continue wakeboarding during the winter months. This way you don't have to put your development on hold for a few months. And you will be better prepared for next season's competition.


For fun or serious business....For all levels from beginners, intermediate to pro!

Jam session 2.0
Improve your skills and develop a personal plan with your trainer. Each session we focus on a specific area.

When: Thursday evening
Level: beginner, intermediate

Trick training 2.0 
Grabs, inverts, obstacle tricks....
you name it, we teach it!

When: every Tuesday and Thursday evening
Level: advanced

Special clinics 2.0
Learn from the best! That's why we work together with (semi) professional wakeboarders and invite them over for a special trainings or events.

When: on a regular basis
Level: intermediate to advanced


Zilvermeer, Kardinge



Open year round


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