Wakepark Groningen is a two-tower cable system.
We have various obstacles for both beginners and professionals.
As soon as you hit the water, the cable is yours! 

We will adjust the speed to your personal level, so everyone can wakeboard at our park. Every time you will get coaching from an instructor and when you fall, we will bring the cable back to you.
This way you will spend your time on the water wakeboarding and you won't lose time swimming back to the start.

We are open!
Opening hours can vary by week, depending on the weather forecast and club activities. 
You can book your wakeboard session here





Nationale Open Dag 

Ben je op zoek naar een nieuwe corona-bestendige buitensport? Of ben je gewoon gek op water en/of extreme sporten? Dan is dit je kans om kennis te komen maken met wakeboarden en onze club!

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